Where are you located?
54 Niagara Street, Welland Ontario – directly besides Spinosa’s Bakery.

Why do I need a personal trainer?
Having a Personal Trainer reduces the room for error in your overall health. Also as your Trainer we will ensure to keep you on track and educate you in the ways of a much healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

What does a training session look like?
Each session will starts off with a discussion to ensure you are staying on track (diet, training alone, etc.) Since we handle most of that for you via email, it wont cut into your session time. Every individual’s training sessions are different based upon their goals, but generally programs consist of a light warm-up and stretching, 40-55 minutes of resistance training, followed by a cool down and stretching period. Depending on the individual’s goals, a cardio regimen may also be followed.

What are the benefits of having a fitness regimen?
This page is not large enough to list all the great and positive effects that come with having a fitness regimen. To start you off here are a handful of benefits: Activities of daily life become much easier, reduces risk of diseases, stregthens joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons reducing the chance of injury, helps establish a stronger mental capacity to handle stress.

Why sign up with Forge Fitness?
There is only one reason that matters. We are dedicated to aiding you in reaching all of your health and fitness goals, we will not rest until we have achieved all that has been asked of us. Your success is our mission.

How much are your services?
All prices are determined after having a one on one personal meeting discussing the programming and goals you are in search of. We will do our best to work with everyone that we can.

What are your hours?
There are no set hours for Forge Fitness, we are closed on weekends (bootcamps may differ), but throughout Monday - Friday the hours may vary due to client bookings. Scheduling will be as flexible as possible, so for example if you need us at 5am you got us!


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